In usual Angela form, I went on the longest journey possible to get to my final project for Course 3. Initially, I was going to create a presentation using the Presentation Zen principles. Kim gave great feedback as did my Course 2 partner in crime, Patrick. There I was, sitting on my ondol floor in the living room of my apartment. I looked through several presentations that I used with parents, students in teacher preparation programs, and colleagues. Most, if not all  of these presentations could definitely use more “zen”. “Perfect!”, I thought to myself. I have great feedback, several presentation to choose from, the brilliant ideas from Garr Reynolds fresh in my mind– I am ready to do this!


You guys, Presentation Zen takes work! Mentally, I was not ready for it. All of the files that I had in my original presentations were on my external. In my desk. At school. Not a big deal, I’ll create my presentation, embed it into my blog, and add the other resources on my blog first thing, Monday morning! Nope. I knew if I did that, I would not be able to sleep Sunday night. I came to this realization AFTER I went on the million hour search for images to be used in my presentation. My dad used to always tell me that I made things harder than they needed to be. I hear you, Dad. I hear you.

Back to the drawing board. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love me a good infographic. I love design, fonts, colors, all that jazz. It should have been a no brainer, a given, that for my final project I create an “About Me” infographic. Well, a no brainer it was NOT. The important thing, though, is that I finally came to this realization for my final project, and now, I can share it!

So far, Course 3 is my favorite course. The title of it is Visual Literacy:

My first about me infographic. What a dud.

My first about me infographic. What a dud.

Effective Communicators and Creators. From the get go, I was excited! Excited, but bummed because for some reason, I became extra busy! I felt like I wasn’t able to commit the same amount of time in Course 3 as I was able to in the previous two courses. All of the reading, for every assignment, was relevant to the work I am currently doing, and it kept me engaged.

Back to my infographic, I initially used a template from to create my infographic, and I didn’t like the end result. It felt anticlimactic and didn’t represent who I was as a person and educator. I should have done this from the beginning (another long detour to get to my final destination), and used Piktochart. I am much happier with this infographic, compared to the first one I started working on.

I’ve only been to one job fair to teach internationally, and my biggest take away from that experience was that the recruiters wanted to know about me as a person, as well as me as an educator. I wasn’t ready to talk about myself in the way that the recruiters wanted me to talk about me as a person. Luckily, I went on many different interviews, to practice this part of the interview, before I was interviewed at the school I eventually decided to work at. My infographic represents me as a person AND me as an educator. I’ll probably revise and tweak the infographic more as the years go on and as I become a more visually conscience educator.

My biggest take away from Course 3 (that I’m realizing at the very moment I’m working on my reflection) is that the visual work that students create should be reflective of who they are as learners and individuals. That’s the great thing about this course. We touched on so many different ways to present information visually, that I’m sure students will find a few avenues that make them excited- whether it’s a digital story, a slideshow presentation, an infographic, iMovie, etc. that their product reflects the knowledge gained throughout the unit of study/experience, but also reflects who they are as people. It’s easy to forget that our students are individual people, amidst all of the content and standards we have to get through. I want to encourage and foster creativity, innovation, passion, and design through and because of the learning that takes places in the classroom. My first infographic versus the infographic I ended up using are a perfect example of the difference it makes when someone is engaged in an activity that reflects who they are compared to trying to create a product with too many parameters.